Informatie en specificaties North Star Design Model 192 D/A Converter en Model 192 Transport.


North Star Design Transport:

The M192 CD-Transport is a separate unit for CD-disc reproduction, designed around the CD-PRO2M Hi-End Philips mechanism, with digital output in different standard and upsampling/anti-jitter function built-in.  This compact and heavy unit allows a perfect CD-Disc rotation with error-free extraction data; an internal clock reference reduce the timing error (jitter) at a negligible value giving at the digital output (S/PDIF, AES/EBU, I2S) a perfect shaped signal for the best transmission at the D/A converter. The I2S digital output on RJ45 network standard is a plus in digital connection allowing a clock and data transmission on separate lines.

Compact size
Top loading mechanism
Heavy metal frame for a very high resonances damping
Rubber insulated aluminium feet
High quality mains filter
Separate Toroidal transformers for CD-disc mechanism and digital audio signals
Hi End CD-PRO2M mechanism
Low jitter digital audio reclocking
96/24 and 192/24 digital upsampling
S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital output
I2S digital audio connection

Dynamic Range: 100dB
S/N Ratio: 100dB
Outputs: 1 S/PDIF on RCA socket (75 Ohm)
1 AES/EBU on XLR socket (110 Ohm)
1 I2S on RJ45 network plug
Mains/ Power C
onsumption: 230/115V 50/60Hz 30VA
Chassis Size: 43,3 x 17 x 7.5 cm
Weight (with envelope): 9 Kg

North Star Design Model 192 DAC:

The Model 192 DAC is without any doubt the most famous NSD product around the world.
This DAC represent a cost effective solution to upgrade the sound of a mid-low class CD-player.
The Model 192 DAC is a 192/24 upsampling DAC with anti-jitter and discrete design analogue stage. Five digital inputs are available on different standard with a proprietary I2S standard on RJ45 connector.
This DAC represents a significant example of the modern digital sound: dynamic and sweet with a wide sound stage.
What your CDís want!

Compact and slim line
S/PDIF, AEF/EBU, I2S digital input
Separated toroidal transformers for digital and analogue
High quality mains filter
Discrete design analogue stage
Cirrus CS8420 digital receiver/upsampler
NPC SM5849 192/24 digital upsampler
Cirrus CS4396 192/24 DAC
Low jitter digital reclocking

Input Sampling Rates: 32kHz - 192kHz
Resolution: 8, 16, 20, 24 bit
Upsampling: Until 192 kH
Clock Recovery: Double anti-jitter with reference clock
Dynamic Range
: 117dB
THD + Noise: -100dB
Max. Output Voltage: 2 Vrms
Output Impedance: < 50 Ohm
Output Sockets: < Gold plated RCA posts
Inputs: 3 S/PDIF (2 RCA coax, 1 TOSLINK optical)
1 AES/EBU (XLR balanced)
1 I2S RJ45
Mains/Power Consumption: 240/110V 50/60Hz 15VA
Chassis Size: 43,3 x 17 x 5 cm
Weight (with envelope): 5,4 Kg